Friday, October 28, 2022

Raceball? - by Peter Venetoklis - The Roots of Liberty

Raceball? - by Peter Venetoklis - The Roots of Liberty - Peter Venetoklis
"...Of minor note, and probably of no note absent an article by Ben Walker of the Associated Press, is that there will be no US-born black players playing in this World Series. 
First time since 1950, he reports...
  • Can we argue that PoC are underrepresented in MLB from these numbers?
  • Do we then conclude there's some sort of problem at hand?
  • Might we be inclined to assume some nefariousness at hand?
...Here we divide people into two types. 
  • Those that see systemic racism in any outcome that doesn't match overall demographics, 
  • and those that recognize that cultural diversity in America produces diverse outcomes, no "systemic racism" necessary...

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