Saturday, October 29, 2022

Our leftist-swamper government lied. Millions died!-----The COVID coverup begins to unravel

The COVID coverup begins to unravel
...Even scientists who confidently declared in private their belief that the virus was engineered publicly stated the oppositeafter having been directed to by Anthony Fauci, the keeper of the keys to the kingdom’s treasury when it comes to research dollars
Fauci in recent months has been backtracking on whether or not the virus could have been engineered, but he sure expended enormous effort maintaining the fiction that an animal origin was certain.
  • There is a simple reason for Fauci’s reluctance to consider a lab leak hypothesis–if it came from the Wuhan Institute for Virology, the US government likely funded the research. Obviously nobody wants that on their record, and Fauci has quite the pension to protect, as well as an unearned reputation as The Science™.

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