Saturday, October 29, 2022

Polling Exists To Make Astrology Look Good

Polling Exists To Make Astrology Look Good - Emerald Robinson
  • The credibility of America's polling industry in 2022 is less than zero
"Three days ago, the American polling and news aggregation site Real Clear Politics launched a “polling accountability initiative” with a new pollster ranking system.
This was a significant admission by Real Clear Politics that the polling industry is largely a farce. 
After all: Real Clear Politics has simply aggregated various polls into a polling average for the last twenty years. 
What could possibly be the problem with that model? 
What could go wrong with a polling average? 
  • And the answer is obvious: the vast majority of polls are so biased (in favor of Democrats) that the sheer number of these fake polls manage to discredit even polling averages.
As the old adage goes: “garbage in, garbage out.”...

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