Thursday, May 25, 2023

The GOP’s Festival of Losers - Kurt Schlichter

The GOP’s Festival of Losers - Kurt Schlichter
"...So, the real difference between the two is electability – that is, who is most likely to win in the general election? 
The polls are all over the place and useless 18 months out, but we do have some indicators. 
The 2020 election, and subsequent ones, show Trump has a sub-majority ceiling. 
That’s a problem and it’s not likely to change – he threaded the needle once and maybe he can do it again, but hoping to get lucky twice is not a plan. 
  • The fact is that some people, including Republicans who should know better, irrationally hate him and will never vote for him. 
  • Of course, some Republicans will never vote for anyone else. 
We know both guys hate wokeness, communism, crime and all the other aspects of the Democrat agenda. What we need to know is how they each propose to win in PA, GA, AZ, MI, and WI...

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