Monday, June 28, 2021

Amazon supports the left. The left HATES Amazon!-----Amazon Prime Day Is Dystopian - The Atlantic

Amazon Prime Day Is Dystopian - The Atlantic
"...Prime is Amazon’s greatest and most terrifying invention: a product whose value proposition is to help you buy more products. 
With 200 million subscribers worldwide, it is the second-most-popular subscription service on Earth, poised to overtake Netflix in the not-so-distant future.
...You’re paying to have your every purchase cataloged—also something consumers aren’t wild about, at least in theory—so that Amazon can use that information to sell you, and people like you, more goods.
...Amazon’s warehouses bring traffic and pollution to the neighborhoods they’re in, many of which are poor. 
...Prime isn’t just bad for Amazon’s workers—it’s bad for Target’s, and Walmart’s. 
It’s bad for the people behind the counter at your neighborhood hardware store and bookstore, if your neighborhood still has a hardware store and a bookstore.  
...If amazon is like climate change, subscribing to Prime is like flying: a personal choice that pales in comparison with what government intervention could do. 
...Whelan teaches a class at UW called Consuming Happiness, and she is fond of giving her students the adage that you can buy happiness—“if you spend your money in keeping with your values: spending prosocially, on experiences. Tons of research shows us this.”...Read all

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