Monday, June 28, 2021

VERY worthy read!!-----What Is to Be Done? A Blueprint for Taking the Country Back

What Is to Be Done? A Blueprint for Taking the Country Back
"From the beginning of the modern “progressive” movement—which occurred around the time that Jean-Jacques Rousseau published “The Social Contract” in 1762, adumbrating the French Revolution—to the uprisings of 1848 across Europe, through the advent of “scientific” Marxism and the horrors of those deformed twins, Soviet Communism and German National Socialism, the same desire to inflict punitive misery has marked nearly every “revolutionary” movement.
For all their talk of “the people,” however, leftist revolutionaries hardly ever spring from the people or have them on their side. 
The people prize stability and order; the left welcomes chaos and anarchy, leading to totalitarianism. 
Leftists are, by definition, minorities in their own countries, generally drawn from the intellectual vanguard, and very often—because their ideas are so ridiculous—not taken seriously until it’s too late. 
  • They think of themselves as elites, and they mean to continue in that status long after their revolution is effected.
Adept in operating the levers of power once they attain them, however, they quickly bring “the people” into line with a program of terror and brute force—the American Revolution was a notable exception—and henceforth do all of the people’s thinking for them. 
...As we sit here, six months into the disastrous Biden administration, the question is finally becoming evident to even the most politically disinterested American. 
The quality of life in the big blue cities has deteriorated markedly. 
The cost of gasoline has seemingly doubled overnight. 
The petty restrictions imposed unconstitutionally on the electorate are still insisted upon in many places—proof once more that tyranny isn’t primarily about rounding up folks and shipping them off to camps, but about insisting that they conform to the most picayune and counter-factual ukases, just to illustrate their powerlessness...Read all.

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