Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Debunking the scaremongering over the ‘delta variant’ of COVID

Debunking the scaremongering over the ‘delta variant’ of COVID

"Lots of powerful people want you to stay scared about COVID, even as the toll in terms of death and hospitalization continues to plummet in the United States and other advanced countries. Because viruses naturally evolve rapidly, they have a new variant, at first called “The Indian variant” because it was first spotted there. But it has now been renamed the “delta variant,” perhaps to be able to continue to maintain that calling COVID “the Chinese virus,” or “the Wuhan flu,” is racist.  The normal practice of naming new diseases after the place they were first identified (German measles, Hong Kong flu, Lyme disease) had to be suspended to protect China’s interests (as the W.H.O. so assiduously does) and to demonize Donald Trump as a racist.

...By specifying that the object is “our attempt to eliminate COVID-19,” Fauci is positing an impossible goal. We haven’t eliminated the common cold or any of the flu variants that plague us every year...

Update: This is just disgraceful! Joe Biden claimed that the delta variant is "deadlier."

America’s Frontline Doctors, that brave group of physicians who have resisted the enforced party line on COVID, has published a video from Britain that takes 3 minutes to show that the appearance and rapid spread of the delta variant in England has led to a decline in hospitalizations and deaths. It is well worth watching as it methodically graphs the data on Covid there, proving that the scaremongering is deceptive propaganda.

Here is the video:


And here is a graphical summary...Read/view all!

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