Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"Green-energy" creates energy outages and giant price increases for all of us!-----Blackouts Loom in California as Electricity Prices Are ‘Absolutely Exploding’

Blackouts Loom in California as Electricity Prices Are ‘Absolutely Exploding’
"Two inexorable energy trends are underway in California: soaring electricity prices and ever-worsening reliability – and both trends bode ill for the state’s low- and middle-income consumers.
Last week, the state’s grid operator, the California Independent System Operator, issued a “flex alert” that asked the state’s consumers to reduce their power use “to reduce stress on the grid and avoid power outages.” 
  • CAISO’s warning of impending electricity shortages heralds another blackout-riddled summer at the same time California’s electricity prices are skyrocketing.
...According to data from the Energy Information Administration, the all-sector price of electricity in California last year jumped to 18.15 cents per kilowatt-hour, which means that Californians are now paying about 70% more for their electricity than the U.S. average all-sector rate of 10.66 cents per kWh. 
Even more worrisome: California’s electricity rates are expected to soar over the next decade. 
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