Monday, June 28, 2021

Can more local self-rule save a 'Late-Roman' America?

Can more local self-rule save a 'Late-Roman' America?
"Observed from some angles, the United States is falling apart. 
All over, we’re seeing signs of fragmentation.
  • At the smallest scale, the tony community of Buckhead, Ga., may be seceding from Atlanta. Mayor Keisha Bottoms’ anti-anti-crime strategy has led to a predictable criminal surge. Buckhead wants escape from dysfunction — via self-rule.
  • The same thing is happening within states. Last month, several communities in eastern Oregon voted to secede and join Idaho. The region’s farmers don’t want to be ruled from their state’s weed- and Antifa-plagued coastal regions.
  • Parts of New Mexico want to join Texas.
  • A huge swath of downstate Illinois talks of splitting from Chicagoland.
  • Some upstate New Yorkers have been talking for years of splitting away from Gotham.
  •  Then there are various plans for splitting California into two, three or even six new states. All are gaining attention.
...Left and right, in other words, are resisting federal rule when it comes to their pet issues.
And recently it’s gone beyond resistance. 
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is sending law enforcers to assist Texas and Arizona. 
Faced with the Biden administration’s reluctance to secure the border, threatened states are cooperating with one another to do a job once left to federal authorities.
Any one of these developments might be unimportant, maybe even amusing. 
But put together, they have a certain late-Roman-Empire flavor. 
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